Weekly Call Stats 11/17-11/23

RVFD was alerted for 15 incidents & sponsored 1 event this week: Incidents: Dwelling Fire Inside Water Condition E1 Medical E1 Medical Kitchen Fire E1 Medical Vehicle Rollover with Entrapment Dwelling Fire Bus Crash E1 Medical Possible Dwelling Fire Vehicle Rollover Crash E0 Medical E1 Medical E0 Medical Events Toys for Tots Collection (11/23)

Weekly Call Stats 10/27 – 11/02

RVFD was alerted for 22 incidents this week: E1 Medical Possible Dwelling Fire E0 Medical Carbon Monoxide/Multiple Victims Spill Containment E1 Medical E3 Medical E1 Medical E3 Medical E0 Medical Natural Gas Leak Outside E2 Medical Natural Gas Leak Outside Dwelling Fire E1 Medical Commercial Fire Alarm Vehicle Crash with Entrapment E1 Medical E1 Medical Commercial Building Fire E0 Medical E2 Medical