Dave Sanford, Chief

Russ Reaghard, Assistant Chief

Chris Hendershot, Captain

Tom Hordubay, Captain

Jim Muse, Engineer

Derek Deakins, Firefighter

Dave Demarco, Firefighter

Jim Doloughty, Firefighter

Gary Evans, Firefighter, Chaplain

Mark Feldmeier, Firefighter

Nick Gerstel, Firefighter

Jim Gray, Firefighter

Greg Hendershot, Firefighter

Matt Henshaw, Firefighter

Bill Hunter, Firefighter

Craig Loughery, Firefighter

Josh Milfeit, Firefighter

Mickey O’Connor, Firefighter

Joanne Pototsky, Firefighter

Peter Pototsky, Firefighter

Lou Rainaldi, Firefighter

Frank Ribich, Firefighter

Jake Saltzman, Firefighter

Misty Sparks, Firefighter

John Surloff, Firefighter

Nick Theofilis, Junior Firefighter

John Walsh, Firefighter

Dan Weidenhof, Firefighter

Paul Weir, Firefighter

Jason Hazlett, Honorary Firefighter

Jack Mason, Honorary Firefighter

Jason Shoop, Association Secretary

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